The Learning Place – :( or :) i cant decide just yet

Like samarahillman I joined The Learning Place, hoping that it would be really beneficial for me to have access to and research for my planning, after all isnt it what all the teachers have access to  😛

My experience was a bit hey how you going, firstly took weeks for them to grant me the access, I emailed and paid the uni for it prior to starting my prac and after calls and emails to both the university and The Learning Place I finally got access half way through my last week of prac.

I agree there are some things you can look at, but i was really disappointed that the only lesson my mentor gave me was a geography c2c lesson plan, that I couldn’t even access any of the links, slideshows activity sheets that were hyper linked in the paperwork that my mentor gave me. I had to ask her to sign onto the computer for my to access prior to teaching the lesson to know what I would be teaching.

Don’t get me wrong i think it would have been excellent if i could have access the stuff, but once this semester and assignments are over ill have a look around the website again 🙂



How crazy is this weather, wow it sure is heating up, here I am sitting here at 9pm and decided enough is enough its time to turn on the aircon so that i can concentrate and get parts of this assignment done.

According to its on 26.3 degrees, well someones kidding. It feels a lot hotter then that.. Well that was my little bit of a break, better get back to it now.

The funnest part of my prac was……

I have to admit the best part of my prac was the last day, the kids were so well behaved, participating in every activity so well and it may or may not have had anything to do with the bribery of the extra special activity in the last session..

My mentor gave me the last lesson to do something fun, and what ever I wanted to do with the kids, i decided on decorating cupcakes and a colouring in. Of course after seeing their excitement of the whole class over a frozen song that previewed after a you-tube clip gave me an excuse to print out some Frozen colouring in pictures… and how could i do frozen colouring in activities with out the songs playing :P..

We decorated our vanilla cupcakes with red, blue, green or yellow icing and we had mini marshmallows, mini MnMs, popping candy and 100 & 1000’s. The best feeling when the kids told me i was the bestest teacher ever.. (HEHE)

Well its that time again.

Woke up this morning after a much needed sleep in to realise that i have two assignments due on monday :(.

I have an assignment for EDC3100 and EDX2170 to get through, I should say at least its perfect weather for sitting inside with the air con on :P.

So I’ll be making a few posts over the next couple of days as i reflect about my practical experience and the assignments 🙂

Connect.ed and the online modules

Wow what an eye opener, I guess these are all things that I have heard about but never really thought deeply enough into, to understand the reality of it all.

Its crazy to think that 56% of Australians use Facebook, and that 96% of students are accessing the internet when researching topics for their projects and assessments.

The connect.ed modules highlighted a number of serious incidents that are happening each and every day. The 4 modules covered

  1. The connected world
  2. cyber safety
  3. schools and the law
  4. putting it into practice.

The training has also provided some many examples of additional information such as cybersmart online helpline to assist teachers.

You can find my completed certificate here.

First Day Update

Wow can not believe that I forgot to share a blog relating my first prac day.. oops..

So my first day was on Friday the 19th of September 2014, (thanks to the labor day holiday we needed to make up that day) I chose to do that day just for a couple little reasons such as it was the preferred day that my mum could babysit the kids for me, and to be honest I thought what a great day to go in and meet the mentor and the class. My mentor had a pretty easy day planned, did a bit of free play on technologies such as the iPad and computers, which surprisingly the majority of the students selected activities that still encouraged them to think and educational experiences such as reading activities, and shape matching.

The school has approx 1/3 of the students coming from defence families and a rather large school considering its close proximity to a number of other schools around them, with a rough number of about 850 students. I have been given a year 1 class with my mentor who has been teaching for 4 years. The students in her class comprise of some students with additional needs, these include 1 autistic child, and students with intellectual disabilities, sensory and also anxiety. The school appears to have a really well run special needs unit for the students who attend the school. This particular year 1 class has 25 students and there are five year 1 classes and one 1/2 class.

The year 1 has a variety of ICTs including iPads (these are shared between the 4 year 1 classes), student computers in their room, interactive whiteboard, teachers laptop and teachers iPad, projector and also a microphone and speaker setup. The students have surprised me with their abilities in using the iPads and computers effectively and when needed the other students who are capable are more than willing to assist their fellow peers. There is a program that I found the students throughly enjoyed doing on the computers was a program/website called Sunshine Online, there was a large number of different activities and covered a number of learning areas such as literacy, maths, reading etc. It is a subscription that the school or classroom needs to be able to access the activities though.

First week lesson planning for practical experience in year 1 class

Like michellevdm she is teaching Maths and English lessons in the first week. I am very nervous and I have been starting to look at experiences and ideas in which i could use the include in my lessons. I have what feels like a bit of a push in the deep end in i have a variety of lessons to teach in the first week, including Maths, English, Technology and also an Art activity. I’m not so worried about the art as the mentor has really pointed me in the direction as to which she would prefer for this, and has not gone into too much detail in regards to the technology lesson, however i’m struggling with the English and Maths subjects as she has given me a pretty brief and broad description – Maths is near doubles, and English is cultural narrative.

I have started looking at the Australian Curriculum in both of the learning areas (English and Maths) and just trying to get my head around that to start with.

How is everyone else going with the lesson planning?